All I wanted was to get a ticket for the WildFire Festival this summer. It’s a week-long music festival where they have all kinds of bands and activities. I have played bass guitar for a lot of years and music has always been one of my biggest passions. And if I were to deny the fact that I wanted to play on a stage that would be a lie. It’s just that I didn’t think it would actually happen.
Well, to be fair, it wasn’t just a straight road to get there. Quite a lot happened actually, some of which I could do without. It’s funny how things end up sometimes, and how a trivial thing can escalate into something so grand.


That’s me! A hardworking teenager that sometimes knows what she wants. For good or bad, when I get into something I tend to see it to the end, and lose sight about what happens around me. This makes my friends think I can be little of an airhead. Having been branded as such is not something that I enjoy, but changing their opinions now are nigh impossible. It’s so unfair.

I’d like to think that I can handle anything from uncomfortable situations to hard decisions. It’s just that I haven’t really been in one of those yet. Deep down I feel prepared for anything and I know that I am brave and not stupid. Ok, well, maybe I do a few bad calls every now and then if I need to be honest to myself. But when it really matters I know I will prevail.

Hanako Masuda

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I would call her “the guitar girl” if it wasn’t such a long and convoluted nickname. Wherever she goes she always has her electric guitar on her back or lying next to her. The only case that is an exception to this is when she is playing it. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone more dedicated to their music.

Right now she doesn’t have many goals. Just to plow down the road of life taking her own way without letting anyone or anything stopping her. It would take quite a special occasion to get her to change gears.

Tomoka Ichinose

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What she lacks in length she makes up for with tenacity. In spite of being one of the shorter people I know she still manages to be quite a fantastic drummer. She is a good example of how practice makes perfect and how you can overcome inbuilt disadvantages with hard dedication.

The motivation driving Tae forward is a subject to debate. All I can say is that she sees connections where others don’t and she is capable to do something over a long time, while her reasons for doing so changes during the duration.

Tae Nase

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My fierce bench neighbor. Although we are sitting next to each other we have barely spoken at all. The most prominent feature about her is the fact that if you manage to raise her ire, then she will let you know. Whenever or wherever that may happen. I’ve both seen and heard that happen several times by now.

Inside I feel a little sad for her actually. Even if she is quite strong and independent I can’t see it going to well for her in the future. The way she behaves towards her friends are going to alienate her from them sooner or later. She really needs to take a step back and think about what she is doing to herself, and to others.

Kokuryou Otohime

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She is in my class but we have never really talked to each other. I think that she has been foaming over Tarou at some point, but that was a while ago now. There is also the fact that she is part of the schools music club, but I’ve never heard her play so I don’t know what instrument she is using.

There are a lot of things in Rennas life that could be better. Not that anything are bad, it’s just that there is something missing, that extra special something. The thing that you can tell your friends and parents about. That which you can point out and remember fondly in your later years.

Renna Kitase

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A girl that often comes to the café and sits there listening to music on her own. She goes to the same school that I do but I can’t really place where I’ve seen her. In the back of my mind I know I should know who she is.

Pretty and serene she sure is a sight to behold. But I get the feeling that there is more to her then what the naked eye can see. Like a storm hiding behind a clear sky. A dark past and a bright future. Wanderer or warrior? Just seeing her makes my imagination go wild. I wonder what music she listens to?

Miyuki Oeda

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